Buddhist Meditator &
Yoga Practitioner

‘"I believe in the transformative power of profound human connection and the joy of living with integrity and purpose"


Emma Slade Buddhist Practitioner and Nun_edited.jpg

Emma became the first Western woman to be ordained in Bhutan and has lived under vows since 2012. She is ordained in the Drukpa Kagyu lineage of Bhutan.

Emma is hugely experienced at teaching mindfulness and meditation, as well as being an accomplished yoga practitioner and teacher. She began to really specialise in the mind from 2009 onwards.

She has practiced and studied extensively under her teachers in Bhutan. She relishes the chance to share Buddhist practices and teachings to those committed to such a path.


She also recognises that for many the benefits of Buddhist wisdom may come in other forms or methods. She therefore seeks to be always mindful of using her understanding of Western culture and Eastern wisdom when helping others.


Her range of activities shows her interest in expanding the benefits of Buddhism into many areas and has included assisting in the translation of various Buddhist texts from Bhutan, written in classical Tibetan, into English as part of this wish to bridge and connect.

Emma Slade Buddhist Practitioner and Nun.jpg