Inspirational Speaker


Emma loves to be invited to speak and inspire others, as she has done around the world at many conferences and events internationally.

Emma is always happy to discuss topics such as Buddhist teachings, mindfulness and the path to a happy life.

Details of future conferences and events will be posted here in due course.





Past Speaking Engagements

Conscious Cafe Event:

What For You Makes a Good and Fulfilling Life?

28th October 2020

In this mind-expanding online event, Emma Slade will give you the opportunity to develop greater personal insight into what will be a fulfilling life for yourself. She will help you to explore what areas of your life you would like to develop and how you might achieve what you dream of. If you were given an extra day a week, how might you choose to fill it? How would you like to move forward at this time?

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Upcoming Talks & Events

Institute of Art and Ideas: Live

Passion, Inaction and Hypocrisy

26th October 2020 - 6pm

Emma will be taking part in a virtual reality #IAILIVE debate on 26th October alongside @AaronBastani, John Zerzan and @vincecable to discuss: do we really want to change the world, or are we satisfied to just sit back?

Find out more about the event here


International Inspiration Festival

16th to 18th October 2020

Emma is speaking about inspirational education at the Mind Mingle Inspiration Festival, alongside other leading educators from India and around the world.

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Other Events and Workshops

Emma's TEDx Talk

“A powerful account of personal change, Emma used the framework of  the Buddhist and yogic symbol of development; the lotus flower.

This flower begins its life in the mud at the bottom of a lake and  grows upwards towards the light and the surface of the water where its  petals open clear and bright.

She describes the events which encouraged her to become a nun and  found a charity as an expression of her wish to put her prayers of  compassion into action”