Emma Slade in BhutanEmma Slade was born in Kent and educated at universities in Cambridge and London. She had an exciting international career as a highly successful CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) to which she committed with mental drive and a tasteful selection of suits. But a deep seated desire to enquire into the deeper aspects of what it is to be a human being was brought to the surface following a life-changing visit to Jakarta, Indonesia.

Ironically, Emmas’ well honed financial and management skills have been brought to bear for the charity Open Your Heart to Bhutan which is changing the lives of hundreds of children.

Her first book, Set Free, detailing her inspirational story, was published in April 2017. All proceeds from the book will be donated to Opening Your Heart to Bhutan. The book can be ordered on Amazon UK.

What people are saying…

“Must read memoir”  – Vogue India

“Pema Deki – the fun nun!” Economic Times of India

“An amazing story by an amazing woman” Davina McCall


Emma Slade appeared on Davina McCalls’ new show ‘The Davina Hour’ on WTV
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Emma’s ‘5 on life’ interview

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Opening Your Heart to Bhutan

“I just built a hospital for specially abled Bhutanese children and I didn’t build it with bananas. Money is important but you also need to ask yourself, how much is enough” – Emma Slade, quoted in Times of India

Find out more about the charity and how you can help HERE